Sunday, October 30, 2011


I got hitched earlier this month - October 1st to be exact. One of the benefits to getting married is that you get to go on a honeymoon. And since we had a smallish wedding we decided to go big on the honeymoon and spend 3 weeks in France. We flew from Boston to Paris and arrived just before sunrise. We like to go economy when we fly - something about sitting in an upright position for 6 hours and having your head fall forward when you start dozing off just works for us. NOT.

Anyway, as we were wearily getting off the plane, it dawned on us that we couldn't check in to our room for another 8 hours. No problem. We dropped our bags off at the hotel and checked out our neighborhood. First stop was Notre Dame Cathedral where we did an audio tour. After that, we found a little cafe on Ile Saint Louis called Lutetia Cafe. We had lunch and a cafe au lait and I sketched the bookstore across the street but what I really enjoyed drawing in this sketch were the outdoor heaters.