Sunday, September 27, 2009

At Boynton McKay

I walked into Boynton McKay with the intention to get a chicken fajita wrap to go but as I made my way to the counter I saw a man sketching. I so wanted to stop and see his drawing and other sketches but I suppose I was embarrassed or didn't want to disturb him. Anyway, it inspired me to start sketching right then and there so I ordered my wrap and sat in one of the booths and sketched the booth opposite from me. Normally Boynton's is packed but since it's late in the season and it was the middle of a beautiful crisp fall afternoon, it was the perfect little sketch spot for me. It was a fast sketch relatively speaking and not at all accurate but I loved doing it.
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raena said...

I think I've been here before but somehow I failed to hit follow! I say "somehow" because I can't imagine why that isn't the first thing I did! This is wonderful work!

Ken Foster said...

Thanks Raena. I'll follow you too! But...who will lead if we both follow??

Are you an Aggie? I graduated in 1985 from there. Well, thanks for visiting and come back again sometime.

raena said...

Actually I am! I graduated in 92! And I see you have many great sketches added to your site. I love the colors you used on the man's face from the reference book!