Saturday, February 27, 2010


Every now and then I pull up the posemaniacs website and open Artrage in a window next to it and draw the 30 second or 60 second set. In this drawing I did a layer in blue and a layer in red and then turned on both layers for this effect. It's a pretty cool site, especially if you like drawing people in strange poses without skin.


Ana said...

I'm so happy I found your blog!
I will add you to my blog list because I want to keep in touch.
I loved the "postcards" of the Japanese voyage.
I think I'll make a post about your work.
I love drawings. Lately it is a way to have a more deep connection with the artist's work because we can "feel" every trace, every texture...
Photoshop is becoming a little boring for me. You look and say... "another photoshop" work...
Clean hands and clothes drawings.. hehe

Ken Foster said...

Thanks Ana!

I get what you are saying about the deeper to connection to the drawing. I think the artwork of the sketching blogs I come across is so inspiring and amazing to me because of that "feeling" so eloquently laid down on paper by the artist.

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it and hope you stay in touch.