Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Gulf

I really didn't intend to be gone this long from sketching and blogging. It's actually been kind of nice though. My energy and focus has been directed at renovating my kitchen and dining room. I usually design these things for other people so it has been really nice to not only design it but do most of the building as well (I was a builder in my previous life). It's almost finished and it's turning out really cool. Perhaps I'll post some photos when it gets done.

Anyway, this sketch is of a gas station up near Stonington, Maine. I snapped a photo of it on a bike ride with Valerie over the fourth of July weekend last summer and this winter I sketched it in my Moleskine. Today I was watching the news about this oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico (I hate that they keep calling this a "spill") I'm not behind the scenes there but it seems to me that the world is expecting way too much from British Petroleum. There should be a global response like none other to contain this thing. It just seems like there is not enough outrage about this disaster. Well, I am outraged and this is my little drawing.

So there.


raena said...

I'm definitely outraged about the spill too, and it's so close to home that I'm sure it will ruin our beach trips. What makes me more angry is that they didn't start using hay when it first happened! Hay works wonderfully. Instead they use chemicals to disperse the oil, which makes it go underwater and kill the fish and dolphins, etc.

Wonderful sketch. And please, I would love to see your remodels!

Ken Foster said...

The response to this disaster will be criticized for years to come. I wish more resources were put towards stopping and cleaning it up than trying to establish blame. Thanks for commenting Raena - I posted a remodel sketch just for you! (and whoever else is out there)