Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 12 - Kyoto


James said...

Dear Ken,
Have just discovered your amazing blog. What wonderful sketches!
I've had a brief look through your Blog and see you use Tombow pens. Can I ask what size of notebook you use and type of paper?
And the black marker..waterproof I guess.
( I ask because I spend my life almost starting trying to sketch and never getting started...any hints about how to get over that hurdle would be gratefully received)

Ken Foster said...

Hi James,

I don't use Tombow pens all that much actually though I'd like to experiment more with them. I generally use a 12 color Windsor and Newton watercolor set with a Niji waterbrush. Almost all of my penwork is with a Uniball vision fine pen although I enjoyed experimenting with the Kuretake on the Japan drawings.

I use the Handbook Journal (5x8 portrait)mostly and just started using a new Handbook 8x10 with watercolor paper. I also use the Moleskines but wish they would make a 5x8 portrait with watercolor paper.

Good luck sketching! Stay in touch - I look forward to being inspired by your sketching blog someday!

James said...

Thanks Ken.
Who knows...but somehow I doubt it!