Saturday, November 27, 2010

Biking in Kyoto

On our last day in Kyoto we rented bikes. We rode to Nijo Castle and walked around/sketched, went to a sword shop. Then we rode over to the International Manga Museum. I wish I had more time there. There were thousands of books spanning the past century and hundreds of people reading Manga books. It looked more like a library than a museum. There were some amazing figurines and drawings on display there.

Anyway, I did this sketch the other day from a photo I took on the bike ride that day. The photo was of a street scene and this sketch is a little scene way up high off the street. I didn't really notice it at the time, most people probably don't - it's just more visual noise in the city. But it grabbed my attention and now it has yours!


Jennifer Lawson said...

Hi Ken,

It's me, Jennifer in Portland, getting ready for another trip to Indonesia—long one this time. I notice you travel a lot and I am curious at to what drives your deep urge to see the world. For me, I am unclear where home is these days and not sure where I want it to be. We can't seem to stay here unless it's summer—HA!

Your sketches are always lovely

Ken Foster said...

Hey Jennifer, I popped over to look at your blog as I haven't been there in awhile and all I can say is WOW! you are doing some great stuff. I love your colors/style - very exciting to see.

The "deep urge to see the world" you asked about coincided with some major life changes (death of a parent and my own divorce) and a renewed passion for sketching which is, to me, a way of slowing down to understand the world around us. Travelling sort of seems to be a natural extension of sketching. The more you draw, the more you understand. The more you understand, the more you want to see. It's beautiful that way.

Have a great time in Indonesia. I'm jealous!

raena said...

I love all the detail at the top! Seems like there could be a party up there!

Shane said...

Hello Ken. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Did you just sit down and draw this building? Or did you take a picture and draw it later? Because this is really extraordinary work. The amount of detail and straight lines, dead on perspective. Really amazing.

Ken Foster said...

Thanks Shane! I drew this from a photo I took while biking around Kyoto with my son.