Monday, August 15, 2011

Petition for Portrait Watercolor Moleskine!

I've been drawing in a 5x8 Moleskine journal lately. And while I love the paper, I'm not real keen on the landscape format and it's amazing to me that Moleskine doesn't make this size journal in a portrait format with watercolor paper. I sent an email with this request to them 2 years ago and here is what they said:

"Dear Mr. Foster,Thank you very much for your mail and suggestions. We really appreciate the ideas of Moleskine's users. We will keep in mind your ideas for future updates.
Kindest regards,
Vittoria Cleva"

Not very promising is it? If you have time and you want this as much as I do, please send in a request. They just might do it if enough people ask.


Ana said...

I didn't know what Moleskine was so i googled and we have them in Brazil.
I found a group at Facebook asking the same you want.
Only 171 members and I don't think that companies care too much about few people.
This is the Facebook link.
I will send them the request and I think I'll publish about your request because I hate when they answer this way an artist that is promoting what they sell and don't take into consideration the request of those who ask.
Surely there are many people wanting the same but people are not used to ask for what they want.

Ken Foster said...

Thanks for that Ana! I knew there had to be others that want this and now I have found them thanks to you! I emailed again so we'll see what happens