Monday, February 13, 2012

Paris to Austin

My nephew, Ben Foster, is a film maker and last summer and fall he had an amazing movie called Strings in many film festivals around the country. You can see a trailer for it here on his website. Anyway, as it worked out, if we shuffled our flights around just a little we could make it to the Austin Film Festival to see it with the rest of my amazing family including my super-talented singer-songwriter sister, Jen Foster. So from Paris we flew to Boston (see sketch on left), and then from Boston to Chicago, then on to Austin. Whew! A really long day but nice to be back in Texas with the family after a long three weeks away. The sketch on the right is from my brother's back porch - a nice view of the hill country from his home outside of Austin.

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Ana said...

Wow! What a family!
You are all blessed!