Thursday, April 12, 2012

Galapagos Map

Here is the route we traveled in Galapagos. I love making maps. Maybe it's the way my mind works but looking here, at this one sketch, can flood an entire weeks worth of memories into my mind.


Ana said...

I love maps too.
It looks great! I loved the "Ticket touch".

Magdalena-Maria Bukowiecka said...

Dear Ken,
can you tell me how you "trace" a map onto the page? I would love to do that in my own travel journals...
Best regards,

Ken Foster said...

Hi Magdalena, it's easy. I just sketch it from looking at an actual map. Its not necessary to be accurate. Then just focus on the areas you have been or are planning to go to. Have fun!

Magdalena-Maria Bukowiecka said...

Thank you SO much!!!