Tuesday, December 16, 2014


This is Nancy. She's married to one of my best friends. It's cool when your friends marry someone and then you like them even more than you did before they were with that person. That doesn't always happen. Nancy is my friend's perfect complement.

16"x10.5" pencil, ink and watercolor in my grand portrait sketchbook.


WILDSIDE said...

Love the watercolor background on this one, the shading on her face and the weird perspective of her smile feeling ever so close up and then her tiny hand disappearing into the scene...

Don't know how quite to describe, a bit odd but another favorite and makes me almost wish I were there to share in the moment too!

Good job (as always).

Ken Foster said...

Thanks WS! I've missed you! :)

Yeah, this one was a lot of fun technically using a mouth atomizer with inks and masking fluid with spattering. The perspective was a challenge. In the end that arm looks a little weird to me but it kind of fits so I didn't mess with it. Thanks for your comment!