Tuesday, December 8, 2015


This is Jigmet. This past May I went to India for a few weeks. The last 2 weeks I was on a photography tour with Nathan Horton and a small group of photographers. Jigmet was our knowledgeable, kind and patient guide to monasteries and over high mountain passes. I sketched this during a chai break at Thikse Monastery outside of Leh.

8x10.5 pencil and watercolor. #241

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GB said...

Hi Ken,

tried to find an email address for you but no luck so...Huge long shot here - you did a sketch of a young woman reading in the window sill of a hotel in Udaipur on your Indian trip in 2015. We spoke briefly that morning at breakfast but I have no doubt you wouldn't remember it. Well, I married that lass and wondered if there was anyway at all I could get a copy or perhaps even purchase the original off of you as a wedding anniversary gift for her? If you still had it?
I remember loving what you had drawn and thinking it captured the serenity of that trip for us.

By the by I read through your blog and love your work you did of your friends. Hope the exhibition of those went really well - I imagine it could be quite daunting drawing those you care about.

Not sure the best way to contact one another but my email address is bailsgeorge@hotmail.com

Fingers crossed this reaches you!