Sunday, September 25, 2016


This is Greg. And that's a little piglet he's holding. He's a farmer now but when I first met him about 15 years ago he was working for a big bank and getting out on his bike whenever he could - probably just trying to get outside of being inside so much. Biking is a great release from stress and being indoors.

It's been interesting to see him make the transition from banker to farmer. He's not on his bike as much as he used to be - probably doesn't have the time - but he also probably doesn't need it as much. I saw him recently after not having seen him for several years and he was a different man- calmer, more seasoned, more settled in - like he's found his rhythm - his cadence.

20x30 Acrylic and gold leaf on panel. #252


WILDSIDE said...

Ah, there he finally is!

Nicely done.

Ken Foster said...

Thanks WS. Yes, finally... took me longer than they usually do but this was one was bigger and I was trying some new things.