Thursday, August 17, 2017


"Would you teach me silence?" I asked.
He seemed to be pleased. "Is it the Great Silence that you want?"
"Yes. The Great Silence."
"Well, where do you think it is to be found?" he asked.
"Deep within me, I suppose. If only I could go deep within, I'm sure I would escape the noise at last. But its hard. Will you help me?" I knew he would. I could feel his concern, and his spirit was so silent.
"Well, I've been there," he answered. "I spent years going in. I did taste the silence there. But one day, Jesus came--maybe it was my imagination--and said to me simply, 'Come, follow me.' I went out, and I've never gone back.
I was stunned. "But the silence…"
"I've found the Great Silence. And I've come to see that the noise was inside."

Father Theophane


WILDSIDE said...
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WILDSIDE said...
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Ken Foster said...

Thanks for your comment WS! Silence is almost hard to find these days. Finding outer silence often increases the volume inside our minds. There's a book I read recently called "How to Be Alone" that has some good thoughts on all this. Hope you are well. Always nice to get your comments. Namaste.

WILDSIDE said...

You'd knew I'd be back... LOL! I like to see what's up.

Thanks for the tip on the book title; I'll go see if the library has it to put on hold. I am already very good at being alone -- but for the constant thoughts that still swirl my mind. Realizing my thoughts could use some discipline! As could my comments.

Am wondering the story behind your Miss Marvelous postcard up there? Anything to do with recent events in Key West?