Friday, May 30, 2008

Morning Light

This is the view out my window at Minot's Ledge cottage. I usually wake early before Alex gets up and sit in the living room and have a cup of coffee and check e-mail or draw. Normally, I'd be out running at this time but I have been resting a hip injury so I'm using this time to draw. I am growing to like this quiet time in the morning before Alex wakes up.

This was a hard image to draw and capture the feeling there because the sun streams through the window and makes the interior look very dark (which it is not). The trim is actually white with off-white walls but because the sun is so strong, the interior appears very dark grey. My favorite part of this sketch is the right hand side perhaps because it is there that I get the sense that the light is coming into the room with the shadows on the side of the window jamb and also on the mini blinds at the top of the window.

Today, we make the final move out to the lake (it's a process) so the next sketches will be quite different ...


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Wow. So much detail. Great.

Betty said...

Beautiful, fantastic sketch!!!