Friday, August 22, 2008

Mapping the Rides

I love maps. I like looking down on them and imagining what it's like to be there or go from this place to that place. One of the first things I did when I arrived in Girona was to find a good map that showed all the roads and the elevations of places. The scale is important too. Every night before the next days ride we would study the map and chart our course. And most evenings after a good days ride I would map out the actual ride in my sketchbook. I'm glad I did. I look at these maps now and I remember so much about the rides - the weather, the people, mountains and valleys. I can easily go there in my mind. I love maps.


Jenny said...

Okay, I have got to close my laptop down for the night, but your sketches have my complete attention, and well, I am totally drooling here looking at your designs and wishing I had an 'ounce' of your talent!! I LOVE maps, and think I am just in love with your blog, and look forward to coming back and seeing more.

Ken Foster said...

Wow! Thanks Jenny for all the nice comments - you capped off a great new years eve! I'm really glad you like the sketches and I appreciate your kind words.

Ana said...

Me too!
I love maps! :)
Hope you're fine Ken!