Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cookie and a Buddha

Been away from blogging for awhile - I suppose it's good to take a break now and then. I've been drawing but not really wanting to put it out there - lots of portrait stuff.

The Buddha is something I've been wanting to draw for awhile. This is a wooden statue I've had for many years. I remember coming across it in a store in Austin, Texas and connecting with the peacefulness of the face and the solidity of his posture. He's seated in the lotus position with his right hand touching the ground and his left hand resting in his lap, palm up. A present and focused look in his eyes and an "I will not be moved" posture. He is a comforting fixture in an ever changing world.

The drawing on the left started as a drawing of the cookie on the plate but as you can see I lost interest in that and focused on the tile table the plate was sitting on. It's hard to tell what the image is because it is partial and sideways but it's a side view of a chef running out with a tray of coffee and food - the logo at Boynton McKay.

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