Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lance and Kerry

I'm a big fan of cycling. I like to do it more than I like the professional side of the sport but I do love to watch the Tour de France every July. When Lance Armstrong recently announced he was going to ride professionally again, I have to admit I was, and still am, pretty excited about it. He is an amazing athlete and interesting character. And he has done more for raising funds and awareness of cancer than any other individual I am aware of.

Kerry Hardy is the guy on the opposite page. He's a friend and cyclist. He cycles not only for sport but it is his main mode of transportation. I don't think he owns a car. I met Kerry on one of my first group rides. He stood out as he was the only one there NOT wearing Lycra shorts and a colorful cyling jersey. I think he was wearing wool knickers, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt and riding an old beat-up 1985 Raleigh Grand Prix. Oh yeah, and he's almost 60 and he was having no trouble taking his turn on the front, while I was just struggling to hang on to the group. I was 38 at the time and training for triathlons. I have come to learn that Kerry is a wealth of information on plants and trees and local history. And he is always on the lookout for mushrooms. I like him.


caseytoussaint said...

Nice drawings - I love the way you use color.

Ken said...

Thank you Casey