Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is pretty cool. I put a camera on a tripod out at the lake last week and set it up to take a picture every 30 minutes to record the melting ice. Then I deleted all the night scenes and created a time lapse movie in Picasa. Now it's here on my blog for all to view. That's just cool.

I did this sketch on December 15th. I remember it was cold and I was seeing the ice beginning to form on the lake. I was sitting on a bench in front of the tree that is to the far left in the video. It's been a long winter. I'm glad the ice is finally gone.


C1629T said...

I saw your video in the Village Soup, attached to Ken Bailey's newsletter (which I get here in Ohio). Yes it is very cool. Our family has an old camp up on Thorndike Road, been there a while. But I hardly get up there often enough to enjoy it. Your video shows well how gray and somber the place can be contrasting with the beautiful colors at the end! I especially like the ice trailing off to the right in the last dozen or so frames. I have 12 1st cousins (part owners) to whom I forwarded the video. Next someone is bound to ask what part of the lake they are looking at. If it is not a privacy issue, is it the lake proper (above the dam) or the wide part of the river below the dam? I have a newly created blog or my gmail address should be attached. I should add that I like your sketch of the cottage across the lake.

Ken Foster said...

Hey Chris, Thanks for your note. I believe we are next door neighbors! This video was taken from my family´s cabin off Strawbridge Lane on the west side of the dam. Stop by sometime if you are up this Summer. I´d like to meet you!

Jenny said...

Great time lapse! Thanks for sharing, sketch as gorgeous as always.

I 'think' I was in your neck of the woods last week, I had to be in Rockland. Surprisingly I didn't get lost, and was able to go shopping ;)

Hope all is well w/you and your family Ken. Take care!