Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Sister sings Venice Beach

I'm almost famous. My sister wrote and sang the theme song for the new series "Venice". I'm real proud of her.


WILDSIDE said...

Good day, Ken!

So talent runs in the family, eh?

Just watched this today in 2016.

Never heard of this series... May be it is on YouTube somewhere?
Did you get a chance to watch it?

Venice, CA makes me think of Ray Bradbury for some reason & can't recall why... But once upon a time, he was one of my favorite authors for the ability to transport thoughts beyond everyday existence. And also once upon a time, I visited Venice, CA -- as an old childhood friend was getting married right next door to where another newer friend lived who was doing his beyond postdoc at UCLA, so I felt fate was calling me there... That was elsewhere in L.A., of course, a real trip for me, but Venice was nearby so on my own & on a borrowed bike, I paid it a visit too... Rode along the canals and walked the beach.
I was surprised how easy L.A. was to bike around in.

Recently watched a documentary of Vivaldi set in Venice, Italy...
How does that relate? Not sure, at all! But Venice, CA may be as possibly close as I ever get to the real Venice...

I'm enjoying dropping in to visit the older parts of your blog...

Thank you.

Ken Foster said...

Thanks WS! I come back to the older posts too occasionally and even find new inspiration for paintings I'm working on. I haven't watched the series but it was a big hit as a web series a few years ago. Not sure what the stus of it is now. Been to both Venice and Venice Beach and love them both for different reasons. Have a great day!