Friday, December 18, 2009

The Gloop Pen

This is the pattern of stained glass on my back door. As I was sketching this painting yesterday, I had the idea to draw the house across the street looking through this door so I began to think about how to do this. This is a study where I used three layers (again in Artrage 3). The painting from yesterday on layer one, the transparent glass color on layer two, and the divisions on layer three. I used the ruler stencil and inking pen to make the divisions and then created the middle layer and used the gloop pen (great name, huh?) to make the transparent glass. I suppose I could have used another tool like the paintbucket and set the opacity level but I just wanted to use the gloop pen because it seemed like more fun.


raena said...

Oh, interesting effect! It really does work for stained glass!

Happy holidays!

Ken Foster said...

Thanks Raena. Now if Artrage would come up with a reflectivity pen I'd be all set!

Happy New Year to you and yours!