Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bali Memorial, London

In 5x8 Blue Handbook Journal - digital color added in Painter 11

I didn't really know what this was until recently. I was in London over New Years and since I didn't want to visit the Churchill War Rooms with the group I was with, I found a nice place to sit and sketch - I thought. I sat on the little bench that is in the shadow of globe in the lower photo and started drawing. It was pretty empty when I started the drawing but within about 5 minutes there was a crowd of people taking pictures and I realized I was sitting in some kind of monument. I got up and left and walked across the street to a park and sketched the little scene on the right hand page. Today, going through my sketches, I googled the "peace dove globe" that I was drawing and found out what it really was. It is a memorial dedicated to the 202 people killed in Kuta, Bali in 2002, 28 of whom were Britons. There are 202 peace doves carved into this 5' round marble globe representing every person that died in that bombing.

I hate terrorism. It's the worst part of humanity. I don't understand it. It's worse than suicide, worse than murder, worse than lying, or cheating, or stealing. It is absolutely the worst thing a human can do. I also hate war. There are better ways to deal with conflict. This drawing on the left hand page means all sorts of things to me now and has all kinds of layers of feeling it didn't have before. I've been dealing with this heaviness for 2 hours now since I found the sketchbook drawing. It didn't seem finished so I worked on it digitally and in the working on it I discovered more about it and more about me. It doesn't feel right to pour it all out on this blog but I think it's one of the reasons I love drawing/sketching and painting. I learn more about the world and in that learning I discover more about who I am and what kind of person I want to be.


Ana said...

yes, all actions that has the intention to kill human beings to achieve any goal is hard to understand.
it's amazing we still have wars. it looks so barbarian!
sometimes i go to youtube to listen the terrorists side of the story like the Chechens and I understand a their reasons. It is hard. I started get interested in the Chechen's cause after knowing Anna Politkovskaia work. She is a journalist that was shot dead because she wrote about Putin and the Chechen's cause.
I found this picture of the Memorial:
Very beautiful. I'm thinking about publishing your sketch with this picture.
Thanks for sharing.

Ken Foster said...

Thank you Ana.