Saturday, May 21, 2011

Painting with Colin Page - Day 2

Yellow Pepper (Oil on panel - 11"x8")

Two Oranges (Oil on panel - 11"x6")
2 Apples (Oil on panel - 8"x10")
Reflection on Green Apple (8"x10")
Day 2 was rainy so we painted in the studio at the Farnworth Art Museum in Rockland. Colin had set up some still lifes and started the class with a demo. The morning exercise wast work with a limited palette of Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, and French Ultramarine Blue. Colin described these colors as a warmish palette versus the palette he limited us to in the afternoon when we only used Quinacradone Red, Lemon Yellow, and Prussian Blue. In addition to using a limited pallette, he also limited our brush size to a size 8 flat brush. Here is a short video of Colin introducing the afternoon exercise.
So it was kind of hard to tell at the end of the day when we stood back and looked at all of our paintings which pallette was which but kind of interesting that this limited palette pushed us toward finding the colors we needed. The top two paintings were done in the morning and the bottom 2 were done in the afternoon. It was a great class and I met some great folks and learned some great things.
Some other great things to note:
  • Put stroke down and leave it alone.
  • Paint faster in the long run by slowing down.
  • Clean brushes
  • Don’t fuss.
  • Stay with a big brush as long as you can.
  • Be intentional.
  • Show everyone how much fun you are having

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