Tuesday, November 22, 2011


While biking in Provence we stayed in Gordes for a couple of nights. Gordes is a lovely old hillside village - often described as "one of the most beautiful villages in France". Before I left for France I had seen a wonderful book of sketches on the Provence region with drawings by Fabrice Moireau's that inspired my drawing above. They are pencil and watercolor sketches that are often "unfinished" in places. The effect is that eye is focused immediately on what the artist is most interested in describing and supported or framed with the added context of  the uncolored pencil drawing. One afternoon, after a hard day of biking, I forced myself to take my art backpack up the hill from where we were staying and draw this. It took me a couple of hours to draw the scene and the next day I spent an hour or so painting it.

When I returned and saw Moireau's book, I was amazed to see that the sketch on the front cover was of the very same scene that I drew! You can see his drawing here. They are similar in many ways though he sketched from a slightly different location than I did. This is  pencil and watercolor on 12x16 Canson watercolor block.


Ana said...

I loved it!
I feel like publishing. If you search "Hella Heaven" you'll find one of your sketches that Google put to represent my blog. :)
I did publish the Louvre and the Paris Cafès.
I don't want to write it at my blog:
I don't like even the oil version of that two versions.
I just wanted to show to those who are learning how the material affects the work.
There are many people painting that way and it is soulless.

Ken Foster said...

Thanks Ana!