Monday, November 7, 2011

Paris Institute of France with Riverboat

When I walked by this scene, I was intrigued with the contrast of vertical and horizontal lines. The strong vertical of the dome and the strong horizontal of the long riverboat. This sketch never quite captured it - too many mistakes of color and perspective are getting in the way. Maybe I'll try again sometime. This is in my large Handbook Journal (8x10)and reworked some in Sketchbook Pro.


Ana said...

Pop-up window!
I'm so going to publish the two last works!
I'm amazed how you captured the spirit of of Paris in Paris Cafès.
I will have to go to Paris one of these days...

Ana said...

Hmm... I think I'll have to resize what I have published.
This is so different than the way it was!
I love it and I don't think that your concerns with perspective and lines important.
The boat gives the horizontal line of the Louvre.
It was next to my house... I could go to the Louvre whenever I wanted, also to Notre Dame.
I love this blue thou I know what you mean.
Maybe my recollections mix with the sketch.