Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Little Jenny

This is my sister. She's a rock star. No, really, she's a rock star. This is a painting of  Jen Foster, done by our mother when Jen was six or seven years old. She never finished it - the mouth was never painted in. She either gave up on it or put it aside thinking she would come back to it later. I don't know. I never asked her about it. I was thinking I would finish it for Jen and give it to her but I haven't been comfortable painting over my mom's work - sort of like walking on sacred ground. So I took a picture of the painting and worked on it digitally in Artrage. I just had to guess about what her mouth looked like as I don't have the photo my mom worked from. It was kind of fun collaborating with mom on this painting. I think she would like it.

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Ana said...

I'm sure she did!