Thursday, July 24, 2014


This is Emily. She is one of my clients AND she is a great friend - a nice combination. She is super cute too, which you would never know from this portrait, but I think this captures her well - her adventurous spirit, love of Maine, ability to position herself in just the right place, an anchor in the community, and a loving mother to her children. All of this under an artfully woven braid of fiery red hair.
12"x24" watercolor, ink, graphite and pencil.


WILDSIDE said...

Fabulous one!

(I hope I haven't used the word fabulous before because this is one of my most favorite portraits of yours to date! Still loving the 80 year old cycling master tho' too!)

WILDSIDE said...

Also, noting that this one is not the one that best showcases your skills as a fine artist, as it looks roughly done... But you do pull off emotion beautifully in this one, despite not being able to see faces. So I like its simplicity.

WILDSIDE said...

Hmm... I'm wondering why there is no one else commenting here -- I see lots of visitors besides just me!

Ken Foster said...

Thanks WS! This is one of my favorites too. Oh, and I wonder that too sometimes. But here's my theory: I don't comment on other peoples blogs so I don't attract followers in that way and also I think blogger makes it difficult by making commenters decipher images before commenting.

Anyway, I enjoy your comments so hope you keep coming back!

WILDSIDE said...

Yes, at first I found having to type in a code bothersome, but now not so much. It annoyed me so much that I looked for a way to take that off my blog & no problems yet.

I really like coming here to see what is new! And am amazed how quickly you are able to complete a project & put it up. It is an addiction... So keep up the good work?!?

Ana said...

You're right that to receive comments we have to go to comment on other people's blog.
It consumes a lot of time.
Or maybe people are not commenting because they are speechless.
I'm amazed by the way your're portraying the souls of people.
It is time for an exhibition.
You have lots of great pieces.
I'm touched by the father holding his son an the one bellow it that is a man holding... forgot.
I'll go back to watch it again.