Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This is Jonathan. He is a cyclist friend but he is also an amazing illustrator. His work has been in all the big magazines and posters of his have been plastered all over Paris. He is really good. I don't see him near as often as I would like to. Every now and then we run into each other in town and talk for 20 or 30 minutes on the sidewalk and then we don't see each other until the next time it happens. Do you have friends like that?

18"x24" Oil on Canvas.


WILDSIDE said...

Curious, is this guy ex-military?

(It's the American flag behind him and how he is standing that makes me wonder...)

WILDSIDE said...

LOL! I think you may be able to still read my first very wordy comment left on this one, but oh well! Hope not. Figured out how to delete it anyhow... That's an achievement.

Just thought about this: By Paris, do you mean Paris, Maine or Paris, France?

(As by place names, one can feel they've traveled the world even if they just stay in Maine!)

Ken Foster said...

I like your wordy comments WS! Why delete them? :)

I don't think he was in the military. I added the flag and I am still not sure why. It is also backwards and vertical. Again, I'm not sure why. It's just what this portrait needed though at the time I did it. I do these as quickly as I can and sometimes decisions just happen in the moment. The flag is one of those.

Oh, and I meant Paris, France. He did posters for Nike when the world cup in soccer was there several years ago.

WILDSIDE said...

Isn't the why for the flag the mention of world cup? American pride? Even if backwards?

That's what I took away from it once I knew.

And now I know you've been able to see my silly long-winded comments even if deleted... Sorry, I often am just entertaining myself! And shouldn't subject anyone else to it.

I really like this blog. To see your creativity and the stories behind that.