Wednesday, August 26, 2015


This is Ben. He's my nephew and he lives in Los Angeles. He's a director now and makes films. A few years ago he co-directed a film called Strings and toured the country promoting it at at film festivals winning all sorts of awards like "Best Thriller" at the Route 66 Film Festival, "Best Director" at Long Island Film Festival, and was an official selection at Hollywood Film Festival. His latest project is a movie called Synkhole, which hasn't been released yet. It's about a group of students searching a mysterious cave for their missing professor. When they become trapped inside the cave, they discover time passes at a different speed underground than on the surface. 

This portrait is a tribute to his early years when he was obsessed with Ghostbusters. It had a huge influence on him.

16x16 watercolor, pencil, and Artrage. #193

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