Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kate #2

This is Kate - again. This is the other portrait I was working on at the same time I was working on the last portrait I posted. She looks like a model here. I imagine what was really going on is she was goofing around with her friends and she struck a classic model pose and after the photo was snapped she broke into laughter.

This was a pencil drawing that felt unfinished to me for a few days. I was thinking about adding color and came across a facebook post of a color wheel done in watercolor by my friend Jessie Chapman - an architect and artist living in Virginia. It was posted on Sunday with #love and I understood it to be about the shooting in Orlando. It represents the solidarity/love that many of us feel with the LGBT community right now. And it seemed right for Kate's portrait.

11x17 Pencil in my huge Moleskine sketchbook with Artrage.#249.5


WILDSIDE said...

:-) More of the story & beautiful portrait.

Thank you, Ken.

Ken Foster said...

Thanks Wildside!