Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boston Brass

Alex and I went to see the Boston Brass play a couple of weeks ago. We took our sketchbooks and tried to draw the musicians. It was hard to see because the auditorium was dark but it was fun. The four guys on the left were all I could do that night. The next morning I googled the band and found a photo that inspired the drawing on the right. You can see Alex's drawings here. (oh, and if you do check out his drawings, he'd love to get a comment) Hey, come to think of it, so would I!


Ana said...

Hi Ken!
I'm having problems to choose four sketches to put at my blog.
here are too many and I like most of them.
I think this one will be one.
Thank you.

Ken Foster said...

Cool. Thanks Ana. It will be a huge contrast to the fantastic realistic drawings you posted!

Ana said...

I remember this one! Quite clearly!