Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back to Basics

I'm pretty excited. I just started an oil painting class with Ronald Frontin last night. It doesn't start with painting though. It starts with charcoal. Over the coming months, I'm going to be writing about my experience and posting my drawings and paintings. Sort of documenting my artistic growth. Sound like fun?

This is the first step - drawing bricks - specifically, one dark brick and two white ones and a styrofoam sphere for fun. Ron says he drew these kinds of scenes for an entire year. He promises me that won't be my fate. First lesson was to work quickly and compositionally - then hone in on the details but always being aware that changing the value of one thing can affect the thing on the other side. Starting with a toned charcoal background made it easier to add and subtract values. The drawing took on a more sculptural quality for me. I think I'm going to like this.

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