Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shane is Following

I have been drawing a lot lately. Blogging not so much. I recently checked my followers list and it just hit 50. I should celebrate or something. I always check out the followers and usually follow back - because I'm just that kind of guy. Maybe that means I'm not such a great leader. Anyway, "Shane" is my number 50. I checked out his blog and it's very cool. Check it out. It's right here. Thanks Shane!


Ana said...

50 us great since you don't go searching for followers. You We can easily have 500 followers if we go to any directory and join the "I follow you, you follow me"...
I don't like it and the 150 I have are there because they like or I like their work.
You can join Bloggers that is a very good directory that promotes a nice friendship among blogs.
When I did your the first post about you it had 30 votes... the more I reached ever at this directory.
The less the better. I learned that. I have lots of hits at my blog. It means nothing. Only one famous picture if featured at your blog can give you tones of hits.
It is very strange.
I'm not comfortable with the results and I have no idea about what am I really doing with this blog.
I love art and have some concerns... cannot keep them for me...
Great work, as always!

Ana said...

Wow! While I was scribbling the comment above another follower, Samantha, arrived!
Guess you bring luck!

Ken Foster said...

Hi Ana! Yes - I'd like to think people follow because they like the work but I see what you are saying. I read your latest post. I hope you aren't too discouraged. You do good work that is appreciated.