Monday, April 11, 2011

Oil Paint!

Friday started with Charcoal and ended with my first stab at painting with oil. The charcoal was a challenge in slowly building up the values and drawing together. I know the composition isn't that great but I was happy that I put it all where I wanted it loosely, then refined the drawing with lighter values off the neutral gound, tightened up the structure of the drawing and then got fairly close on the values. This little victory in charcoal earned me a brush and a pallette and I played with making my first grisaille. This is a monochrome underpainting - the drawing beneath the painting. I was pretty pleased with it, simple as it was. After, I completed it, I had a little extra time to mess it up so I started putting some color on it for fun and to experiment a little with this new medium.

And here is another video:

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