Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Morrocan Gala

More journaling pages from my 5x7 Handbook Journal. These Moroccan lamps hang from my canopy bed. They're cool when the candles are lit and they put out all these dots of light that move around the room - gives the room a nice romantic ambiance.

The people on the right side are there to hide a major screwup in drawing. I should major screwup more because I often like the outcome of fixing the screwup. That's where the art juice really kicks in. I love that. There are some strangers in there but there are also two of my roommates from college and the woman in front is Salvador Dali's wife, Gala.


Ana said...

Yesterday I was looking at my images and found some of your sketches I saved to publish.
I have lots of images because of the blog.
I'm so jealous of you!
I studied when I was 18 and stopped at 21.
Life and dunno... when I was starting to be able to sketch I guess I panic.
Now I would have to start doing the monsters again... lol

pippasporch said...

So nice to meet a fellow artist! (Or rather, you're DOING it and I'm ASPIRING...) =)

LOVE the lamps - dots of light make me happy - and I fully agree: Screw-ups sometimes leave the best results if we allow ourselves to not be derailed by them.

Thanks for stopping by my Porch, Ken!