Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Pens

I bought some new pens on the advice of another artist. I actually bought a set of 12 pens - Nexus Kohinoor. Kohinoor has a good name - I have done a lot of technical drawing with their technical pens. They have been exceptional. However, these pens are extremely inconsistent. Of the 12 that came in the set, only 4 worked. The supplier offered to send me another set free of charge and when they arrived, only 3 worked! It's too bad because I do like the ones that work until they stop working. Ah well, the search goes on for that perfect pen....

1 comment:

Ana said...

Is it still like this?
I remember trying to find a good china-ink pen.
You were drawing and all of a sudden... a drop felt and ruined it all.
I thought that the colored ones were better.