Sunday, June 12, 2011

Painting Class - June 1 and 6th

Ron wanted me to copy a painting of his for my next exercise. I worked on this for two classes - about 5 hours. I didn't get to some of the final details but I did OK with color, drawing, and edges. Oil on panel - 11x14.


Ana said...

I was watching a documentary last week and they were reporting about how in Mexico they have a day to celebrate "death". Skulls for them have a different meaning, it does not mean death. I don't remember everything but I'll search.
I like it.

Ana said...

I have an award for you.
Please come to my blog to get it.

Ken Foster said...

THanks Ana! I appreciate the award but I'm awful about the follow-up part of receiving them.

Yes, painting the skull was certainly interesting. I found myself not so much thinking of death but of the fascinating structure of life. Maybe the Mexicans are on to something!