Monday, January 14, 2013

Dredging the Harbor

This is my first painting of the year. I have a goal of completing at least one painting that I'm happy with every 2 weeks for the next year and I'm just squeaking this one in with hours to go. The scene is so complicated I could keep tweaking it for days but I think it sort of tells the story now. A couple of things I was playing with here: Line - I used ink and a stick on the excavator, a ballpoint pen in the middle and pencil in the background. Color - Saturated color in the foreground and more muted color going back.I sketched this down at the harbor and did most of the painting in the studio. This is 10"x22" on Twinrocker handmade watercolor paper.


Anonymous said...

Really nice! I've been enjoying the stuff you've been posting lately

Ken Foster said...

Thanks so much Bill! I hadn't seen your site in awhile and checked it out last night. I really like what you are doing. Colors, composition, subject matter, size, mediums - love it all!