Tuesday, August 5, 2014


This is Kat. She is an extraordinary painter and she owns an Art gallery in Friendship, Maine. I met her through a life drawing group that meets weekly. This past winter she and her husband escaped from Maine for a few months and went south to enjoy some time on warmer beaches. She offered to paint postcards for her friends who wanted one so I sent her my address and she mailed me a beautiful hand painted card. How cool is that?

8"x10" pencil and watercolor. I sketched this in my Grand Portrait Handbook Journal on the airplane from Houston to Philadelphia.


WILDSIDE said...

Very cool.

And the fact that she hails from Friendship, Maine!

I have a friend who paints her correspondence to me... Am always thinking if only I was together as that! To be so generous & creative, I mean.

WILDSIDE said...

Just to share the first words that popped into my head when I saw her face as she came onto my screen -- you are so talented!

And I wondered how long you've been at painting others portraits...

Ken Foster said...

I used to paint postcards and illustrate letters back before email. It is even more rare now that we use email but it is a real gift to receive something like that in the mail.

Thanks again WS (for your comments)! It's great having you comment here.

To answer your question about how long I've been painting portraits. I have dabbled here and there with portraits since I was a kid. I used to copy comics - especially in MAD magazine - love the caricature drawings there. But the past couple of years I have put more of a focus on it. There is a complexity to portraits that fascinates me.