Monday, August 4, 2014


This is Nick. He hired me to design and build a house for him and his family near Austin, Texas in 1993. He was my client but in the process of building his home he became a close friend and mentor as well. One of my favorite quotes from Nick, and he had several, was - "If you're not having fun, you’re not doing it right." I think about that quote from time to time - especially when I'm not having fun.

I sketched this from a photo I took of him back when we were building his house. It's how I remember him.

11"x14" Pencil and watercolor graphite on Yupo.


WILDSIDE said...

Good sketch & good advice.

Sometimes difficult to keep in mind.

Hope you're having fun now.

Ana said...

I loved this one.
You must sign!

Ken Foster said...

I know you're right Ana. I just forget sometimes...