Thursday, February 12, 2015


This is Fabiano. He is an Urban Sketching friend living in Brazil. I think he has cool sideburns, which, at least in my part of the world, went out of style when Elvis died. And it made me wonder why - sideburns are great for framing the face.

While I was writing this I got curious about sideburns and where that name came from. Turns out they were named after a Union army general in the civil war named Ambrose Burnside. His facial hair style had long bushy sideburns connected to a simple mustache and a perfectly clean shaven chin. He wasn't a great general but he later became a politician and along with his popularity he started a new facial hair trend.

Just a little factoid to go with Fabiano's portrait.

16x19 pencil and watercolor on Arches 300# paper. #157


WILDSIDE said...

LOL! (One of the things I never knew to be curious about...)

Ken Foster said...

I know! So many things to be curios about.