Tuesday, June 16, 2015


This is Lisa. She lives in Switzerland. I met her a couple of years ago when I was on a rafting trip down the Futaleufu river in Southern Chile. She was kayaking the entire trip. She's such a sweet person but I remember the moment my perception of her changed and she became an Absolute Badass Chick.
One day we were rafting and came to this beyond category section of river. A sort of waterfall where the water was compressed between 2 curving canyon walls creating a loud roar and spray of water into the air that was awe inspiring. There was no way we could get through it. So we pulled over, emptied the rafts, and then let them go through the chutes to our guides that had hiked downstream and caught them on the other side. Then we carried our stuff up and over a steep rocky path where we had a birds-eye view to watch the empty rafts getting tossed about wildly as they made their way through the canyon walls.
Just past the top I saw Lisa sitting in her kayak on a sloped slab of rock and pointed toward the edge of the cliff over the river. The drop was probably 15 to 20 feet. Without much hesitation she counted to three and over the edge she went. Impressive.
14x20 pencil, ink and watercolor and a little bit of touchup in Artrage. #182


WILDSIDE said...

As always, I love all your little stories to go along with!

(Tho' she puts me and my fearfulness to shame...)

Ken Foster said...

Thanks WS. Yeah, me too. When I saw her there preparing to go I was like, WTF!?, No way! Really, you're going to do that?! I fumbled around for my camera to get that video. Are you on FB? Find me and friend me if you want. Or just watch the video...