Sunday, November 1, 2015


This is Meg. I've gotten to know Meg, like we get to know most people, in "layers". The onion metaphor works pretty well here. The outer layer I first came to know is the "architect layer". A few years later I got to know the "community service layer". She served on a couple of town committees and boards of environmental organizations. When it came time for her to give up her seat on a town committee she called me and asked me if I would serve on that committee. I did. Then, I learned about the "cancer layer". I wasn't close enough to Meg to go through it with her like I did with my mom. I watched her husband go through it with her. It was scary and hard and the community sent her lots of love and healing energy. She survived. The next layer I saw was the "dance layer", which was evidently there the whole time, but shone brighter as she healed and saw the importance of sharing dance with others as a mode of healing. And lastly, I've gotten to know the "photography layer", which seems to have emerged from a place of wanting to find beauty in the ordinary. About one of her recent photos she said it was " just another treasure hidden in plain sight". Her photographs are extraordinary, beautifully observed, and constantly remind me that beauty is everywhere if I will just look.

I love this portrait of her. It may just be my favorite portrait in the project. It goes a few layers deep.

22x14 watercolor. #234

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