Saturday, October 31, 2015


This is Noah (and Chloe). He just got married to my stepdaughter, Chloe. Just this one little fact will speak volumes about him - he had nineteen Groomsmen at their wedding. They live down in Boston and he has one of the coolest jobs working with Downeast Cider - Handcrafted cider - "The way cider should be".

When asked to tell his story in three sentences on the Downeast Cider website, here's what Noah wrote: "Born and raised in Maine, for some reason could not get enough of the bitter cold/black flies and went to college there as well. After bumbling around the Tech space with my head in the “cloud” I decided to try my hand in cider. It seems fitting as my middle name is Harvest and I grew up in Appleton."

This was one of the more challenging portraits I've done. Lighting, paper, subjects, and even photographing it. I fought it the whole way through. I think the original looks better. But you'll have to come to the Portrait Project show  to see for yourself. The show opens November 6th from 5-8pm. You can even meet Noah and Chloe in person. If your lucky, he may even bring a few cans of cider for you to try.

24x12 watercolor and pencil. #233

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