Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lisa 1

I painted Lisa yesterday. I took this photo of the painting at the end of our time together. I brought my portrait sketchbook, acrylics, inks and watercolors and my new camera setup which will allow me to do timelapse speed painting videos. We sat down and talked about the portrait and Lisa expressed that she really wanted to get back in her studio and paint more so I suggested we work on this painting together over the course of a few sessions. Lisa likes to paint in oils so we found a canvas, scrounged through tubes of paint to find a good palette of colors, then set up in the dining room where the light was best. I was going to record the painting but my battery was dead (next time bring some extra!) This is how I left it. I emailed her some photos and encouraged her to have fun with it. I'll come back next week and it will be my turn to play. Can't wait to see how this collaboration will turn out!

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