Wednesday, October 21, 2015


This is Chuck. To be honest, I didn't know much about Chuck when I started thinking about how to portray him. I went on to his profile and looked through some of  his photos. Happy guy. Lots of big smiles. Beautiful family. But as I dug a little deeper I learned that he has worked with the Maine State Prison developing and facilitating a program that utilizes Yoga, Tai Chi, and Zen mindfulness to help rehabilitate prisoners. These days he works within the school system as a counseler and works with special education teachers on how to best support students with emotional and mental disabilities. He also does a presentation for school assemblies around the state called "The Power of Water". His powerful style of presentation incorporates martial arts and storytelling with the goal of teaching kids how to overcome obstacles and bullying by utilizing the metaphor of water. Cool guy.

22x15 ink and watercolor. #227


Ana said...

Wow! I love the movements we feel!

Ken Foster said...

Ana! So good to hear from you!! So good to hear that comment from you. Painting movement like this is hard to convey without feeling contrived. It has to be painted from the place the energy came from that produced it.

Ana said...

Hi!!! Me again.
Almost one year!
Yes but this movement is incredible. Amazing.
I've been following you since 2009 or 2010 and during these years I can see your work blossoming and blossoming.
You are mastering a lot of different techniques.
I envy you! :)
Be at peace my friend.