Wednesday, October 14, 2015


This is Steven. He's from LA and developed a pretty impressive resumé in the finance and entertainment industries while he was there. He retired to Maine about 10 years ago and that's about the time we met. I was one of several architects and designers he interviewed for a home renovation project. I didn't get the job but I got a friend. 

Life has been interesting for Steven since he "retired". In 2009 he went back to work at the State Department in Washington DC and created and managed the Global Entrepreneurship Program under Seretary of State Hillary Clinton. That gig is up but he continues to travel the world and is doing great work spreading the gospel of entrepreneurship as a way to create new jobs and grow economies in order to create greater political stability. I haven't seen him in years.

I started this portrait a few months ago but stopped work on it because I had to move to a new studio. I pulled it from a pile the other day and dusted it off and finished the face. I love his face. So interesting.

15x22 watercolor and pencil. #221

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